Child Protection Guidelines

The new PA Child Protection Laws require volunteers to complete the necessary background checks prior to volunteering.  QSC follows the guidance supplied by EPYSA and Pennsylvania state laws.  A great resource for information on these laws can be found at the website.



Who needs clearances?  Adults applying for or currently holding a position as a volunteer at Quakertown Soccer Club.

How long are clearances good for?  EPYSA just recently extended the length of time that clearances are good from 3 years to 5 years.

What clearances do I need?  Refer to the QSC Background Check Flowchart

Who needs the FBI Fingerprint Clearance?  Any unpaid volunteer that has not lived in PA for 10+ years.  Also, any adult holding a paid position within the club (if applicable).

Where can I go to apply for my clearances?  See the links below...


Please contact Doug Barkholz the club Registrar with any questions: