QSC Trip Program

The QSC International Travel Program has been in place since 2008.  It encompasses many key team facets for QSC players such as Opportunity, Travel, Responsibility, Bonding and Trust  It takes a special effort to Travel with a large group of teammates, coaches and/or family.  We've had many successful trips because we created a specfic structure that has a lot going on in a short period of time.   The two trips outside the US are described below and we have more specific details on the links in the Left-hand Menu.

U13 - Boys and Girls - CANADA - this is a 4-day and 3 night excursion to Ottawa, Ontario which enables the kids to travel with their coaches and chaperones to international destination that is close by.  It's a long bus ride to Canada which is also long on opportunity and memories.  For some kids this is their first real time away from home and we work with them to make sure they are (1) busy and (2) accountable for having a great time,  represeting their community, playing soccer against teams you rarely see while visting the Canada's Capital.  This trip is a pre-requisite for the next, bigger, trip.  The players must prove they are worthy of traveling again by demonstrating great behavior, sportsmanship and responsibility.

U15 and Up - Boys and Girls - EUROPE - this is a 10-12 day trip to multiple European destinations.  This trip is available to all U15 players generally and we'll grab some players from other teams if numbers are not as strong.  The trip can be a once-in-a-lifetime oportunity to visit some of oldest cities in the world in a place where soccer is revered.  There is fantastic sightseeing, shopping and experiencing different languages and cultures sometimes as little as a couple of hours away.  On top of that the players will have a number of games against local soccer teams and share some time with those teams post-game.  The soccer culture in Europe is perceived much differently and you cannot experience that in the US - you need to get there and live it for a couple of weeks.  Our first trip was in 2010 and the players and parents still speak very fondly of the journey.  2016 will be trip two - who's next?

Sponsorship - we have many teams do individual fundraising, and they are very good at it, but if you own a local business and you would like to get involved with this initiative, please click on the left hand link and check it out.

Any questions can be directed to Trip Coordinator, Jeffrey Geiser, trips@quakertownsoccerclub.org