QSC Newsletter

The Quakertown Soccer Club published it’s first Newsletter in February, 2013.  

The Newsletter was created to provide information about the happenings, accomplishments and areas of interest for all of it’s stakeholders.  It is partly a way to recognize achievement, remind everyone of what’s going on in the Club and provide a source for feedback that ties together all or part of the information disseminated on the Club Website, Facebook, Twitter and our e-Mail Blasts.  This way if you don’t attend a club meeting or we want you to know what is happening, then we can push this information out to you and you can review it at your leisure.  

We will e-mail a notification each month when the Newsletter is published and they will be housed on our Club Website.  You will be able to navigate to the Newsletter through the e-mail or from the Home Page of our site from the link in the left-hand menu.  We will produce it monthly for now and see if there is enough useful information that interest you and we’ll evaluate the progress later in the year.  Please direct any feedback or requests/suggestions for articles to our e-mail account:  newsletter@quakertownsoccerclub.org.

We would also like to thank Megan Wunsch who was instrumental in creating our first and ongoing editions.  Without her effort this would not have gotten off the ground and we appreciate her spirit of volunteerism.  

So, please enjoy our Newsletter.  We are proud to produce it and we are proud of the accomplishments of our fine athletes and their families. 

All the best for a great soccer future.


Jeffrey Geiser

QSC President